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Which Countries Supply Weapons to Ukraine?KIEV, KOMPAS.com - Almost every day, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Resnikov uploads new pictures on his Twitter account, showing large transport planes crammed with huge crates.It contained weapons and ammunition shipped mainly from the United States (US) and Britain to Ukraine.The weapons are mainly to strengthen Ukraine's defense system to fend off attacks by Russian troops, who have been piling up on the border with state-of-the-art weapons for days.Birds are flying!Another 90 tons of #USA ammunition for the @ArmedForcesUkr arrived today.The total weight of US military aid at the moment exceeded 1300 tons!????????????????????@DeptofDefense @SecDef @UKRintheUSA @USEmbassyKyiv @congressdotgov pic.twitter.com/OwlO0dqFhuAccording to the Ukrainian government, Western countries have provided aid in military equipment worth 1.5 billion US dollars.As part of the military exercise "Blizzard 2022" which has just begun, many Ukrainian soldiers are training directly on the ground with the latest state-of-the-art anti-tank weapons.Once launched from the shoulder, the "shoot and forget" system requires no further guidance.Its small size and light weight make this weapon very mobile.Read also: West says the Russian invasion is near, Eastern citizens of Ukraine are relaxed and calmAP/PAVLO PAJAMARCHUK via DW INDONESIA Ukrainian troops train with the NLAW anti-tank systemSome of the planes welcomed by Defense Minister Oleksiy Resnikov carried Javelin and NLAW missiles.Since 2019, the US has provided Ukraine with the Javelin launcher and missile systems.Information on the exact number varies, but hundreds of missiles have likely been delivered to Ukraine since late 2021. The US government has also given permission to the Baltic states to transfer Javelin missiles from their inventories to Ukraine.The Javelin is considered the most advanced anti-tank weapon in the world, as it can strike targets such as armored vehicles or bunkers from a distance of more than 2,000 meters.The Javelin can also destroy heavy tanks with a top attack to its roof, where armor protection is least.Also the British NLAW missiles function similarly, only their range is shorter.London recently sent around 2,000 NLAW missiles to Ukraine.Read also: Russian parliament: We are doing everything we can to prevent war with Ukraine"This system is what we need most," said Mykola Bielieskov of the National Institute for Strategic Studies in Kiev, an institution that advises the Ukrainian president on security issues.“This equipment is very easy to integrate into the arsenal of our army and soldiers can learn how to fire it very quickly,” Bielieskov told DW."In the event of a Russian attack, these weapons will be very effective. That's why we need more of them."Also read: Russia-Ukraine Conflict Threatens Natural Gas Supply to EuropeDW INDONESIA Ukrainian military in late January 2022 introduces the Strela-10 air defense systemIn addition, the armament required is anti-aircraft missiles that can be used by one person, known as Man Portable Air Defense Systems or MANPADS.The US-made Stinger missiles will be delivered to Ukraine from Lithuania in the coming days, Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte said Thursday.Poland is also supplying Kiev with the GROM, a heat-guided weapon similar to the Stinger that can strike aircraft from a range of up to three kilometers.Since the Ukrainian army itself already had similar weapons, they could easily operate the GROM and Stinger.Read also: This is the appeal of the Indonesian Embassy in Kiev for Indonesian citizens in Ukraine and Indonesian citizens in Indonesia"These MANPADS are very useful because they make Russian air strikes less effective," said defense analyst Mykola Bielieskov. "If you deploy them in large numbers, you certainly won't shoot down every Russian jet and helicopter.However, Russia will have to pay a heavy price for an attack."In addition, Ukraine has purchased at least 20 Bayraktar TB2 drones from Turkey in recent years.The drone can be equipped with Ukrainian-made missiles.Ukraine has also obtained a license from Turkey, which is also a NATO member, to manufacture Bayraktar drones.Also read: Biden to Putin: Withdraw from the Threat of War with Ukraine!Bayraktar drones from Turkey can be used for reconnaissance and can be equipped with bombs and laser-guided missiles.By the end of October 2021, the Ukrainian Army had used Bayraktar to destroy artillery of pro-Russian separatist groups in the east of the country.However, in terms of numbers and weapons, the Russian military is clearly far superior to Ukraine.That's especially true for its air force."In the event of an attack, Russia can achieve air superiority in two to three days," said Gustav Gressel, a security policy expert at the Berlin-based European Committee on Foreign Relations.Not only does Russia have far more fighter jets, but its military is also capable of monitoring Ukrainian radio, aircraft radar and air defenses, as the technology Ukraine uses is largely Soviet-made.In addition, Gressel said, Ukrainian pilots have significantly less flying hours than Russian pilots.Read also: This satellite image proves the presence of Russian troops, helicopters and fighter jets near UkraineWrite your comments with the hashtag #JernihBerkomentar and win e-vouchers for 90 winners!Get information and insight selected by Kompas.com editorsDouble check and complete your data.Your data will be used for account verification when you need assistance or when unusual activity is found on your account.Immediately complete your data to join the #JernihBerkomentar program.