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2022-06-30 14:18:51 By : Mr. Neil Zhang

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Advertising should be fun," said Ryan Reynolds in…'Liquid Billboards', Adidas' original action in Dubai has earned it the Grand Prix in…Home » Online Marketing » Marketing agencies » The Smart TV revolution: its purchase already exceeds that of other televisionsWritten by Cynthia Reina June 30, 2022 at 11:25SmartTV is a true revolution for audience measurement.Spanish houses are undergoing a great acceleration and digital transformation of their entertainment and leisure.For example, in the case of connected television, if in 2017 two out of ten households had one, now they are 63%, according to the report "The Future Viewing Experience" by Kantar.This study reveals a user who is going from being a spectator -less passive- to an "experiencer" -more active and demanding-.Marketingdirecto.com was at TheValley, where we were able to hear Kantar talk about the future of the media and entertainment industry.As they stated, content is still king, although viewers are beginning to get overwhelmed by so much information, which causes a new kind of "zapping".We end the day with @Kantar_ES, who has quoted us at @TheValleyDBS to talk about the future of the #entertainment and #media industry in a context in which the audience is changing 🔁 pic.twitter.com/JtFO7rPsDjIn recent times, the digital transformation of the home has accelerated with SmartTV as the epicenter of an ecosystem with multiple connected screens: mobile phones, computers and tablets.According to Gustavo Núñez, general director for the South of Europe Media Division, the SmartTV is a true revolution.“Right now what has been developed the most is the interface.The purchase of Smart TV quickly exceeds that of other televisions.In addition, he adds: "due to the growth of content options, companies are evaluating their distribution strategies so as not to paralyze consumers."For this reason, companies are incorporating trends from before.An example is the return of scripted content and the linear model of weekly releases, chapter by chapter, to retain the subscriber and lengthen their connection.Due to the battle to capture the attention of the end user around the content, the market is moving towards the so-called vertical integration, that is, big players that seek to control the entire chain, from production to broadcast.Loyalty is a great challenge because companies are very focused on getting subscribers, so the agility to sign up is as fast as unsubscribing.Due to the saturation of platforms and content, the market begins to self-regulate, focusing on increasing loyalty and not on getting users.These vulnerabilities cause them to move towards hybrid models, content financed by advertising and payment, seeking to unlock new sources of income without damaging their main proposal.The winners will be those who achieve the right mix between SVOD and AVOD revenue models."A globalization is taking place that offers unique income opportunities, but whoever knows how to balance the scales will win."The rise of SmartTVs and streaming platforms implies a greater role for measurement.Digitization allows knowing what happens inside the home in terms of media and entertainment consumption.In terms of advertising, being able to measure the user individually allows the personalization and segmentation of campaigns towards a particular target.So-called addressable advertising can achieve true personalization."Consent is the key" they highlight at the event.According to Gustavo Núñez “we are in a context of change and market disruption.We are presented with interesting opportunities, but also important challenges and decisions.With the digitization of viewing and innovations in measurement, it will be possible to parcel out advertising and content strategies much more, and bring us closer to the online world”.Begoña Gómez, technical director of AEA, commented «I am convinced that the TV is going to become the remote control of the houses, along with voice devices.TV is the epicenter, but we still have a lot to see.Maribel Vivancos, Value & Delivery Spain director of GroupM, added: «there is a migration of consumption to these new models.There is much technological development that remains to be discovered.The cinema is also coming to the home thanks to the platforms.There are many more uses around TV that we don't know about yet."Marta Rojo, director of audience research and marketing at Atresmedia, discussed consumption: «The combination and balance is where everything has to be positioned.I think there has to be a tendency to stabilize the time of consumption of audiovisual entertainment by consumers.».Iñaki Sánchez, head of Media Sales (DANZ) ended the round table stating that the new generations are going to consume on demand and that hybrid consumption will continue.Do not miss anything from MarketingDirecto.com and join our Telegram t.me/MarketingDirectoCoca-Cola launches a limited edition summer flavor with artist MarshmelloPreviousNextHigh 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