Curse Of Lono: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert | 88.5 WFDD

2022-07-14 19:02:01 By : Ms. Angel Huang

The resonant voice of Felix Bechtolsheimer has me obsessed with his band Curse of Lono. For the group's Tiny Desk (home) concert, the six musicians set up shop in the office at Bechtolsheimer's house above his home studio in South London. They begin their set as they do their evocative 2022 album, People In Cars, with the song "Let Your Love Rain Down On Me." Bechtolsheimer's baritone is set against the dreamy wail of the pedal steel as he sings, "I'm gonna make my move, hear the engine roar / Roll the windows down, slam my foot to the floor / Now I'm driving hard in this big machine / When they kill the pain, we'll all get clean." All that angst leads to the chorus which, for me, offers one of the few glimmers of hope: "Let your love rain down on me." This isn't hope-filled, uplifting music; these are dark songs written following the losses of Felix's father, uncle and former girlfriend. That former partner is the subject of the final spine-chilling song. "So Damned Beautiful" tells the tale of her drug-filled weekend affair that ends in tragedy. It's the first duet Felix Bechtolsheimer has written; originally recorded with Tess Parks, it's sung here with Bo Lucas of the Brighton duo Lucas & King. The fragile characters and cinematic storytelling make their impact thanks to a band that knows how to delicately weave its sound and pulsing textures with an underpinning of drama and plenty of open space that leaves me mesmerized.