Bye cell phones?The empowerment of immersion follows in the footsteps of mobiles - LA NACION

2022-06-29 18:09:09 By : Ms. Gao Aria

The metaverse, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence are terms that are slowly becoming normalized in the glossary of society."Changes have been happening for a long time and they happen differently in each industry," stated Nicolás Kaplun, chief business officer for LATAM at Globant, in the fifth chapter of the Artificial Intelligence meeting organized by LA NACION, which, under the slogan "Reinventing our place in the physical world”, brought together different speakers to talk about new technology in the world and companies.For the executive -who spoke with José Del Rio, secretary general of LA NACION's Editorial Board-, Latin America is an exporter of knowledge in this area, which "not only has a macroeconomic effect, but also has an impact on millions of stories that are transformed by the technology".“As technology deepens, experiences become more immersive, the physical and virtual begin to intertwine, allowing people who have previously unattainable dreams to start living them no matter where they are,” Kaplun added. , who has been working at the company since 2019.In this framework, he stressed that "there are many versions of the metaverse scaled that are already in our homes."For example, the new generations attend concerts organized from the virtual world in which there is content and clothing that generate status and belonging.Based on that idea, "there are brands that were totally ostracized and made up time, because they saw this before the others that were the powerful ones of the moment and that perhaps now they were left out a bit," said the executive, who in the In the past, he has held roles in international companies such as Citi, Zurich, Telefónica and Korn/ Ferry International."Hardware and its evolution allow, due to greater power and lower cost, experiences to be increasingly immersive with greater capillarity, in all homes and offices", he pointed out about the cost-benefit ratio, one of the challenges of the industry technology today.The other challenge is directly related to the infrastructure for data transmission, an aspect whose evolution is exemplified by the growing financial inclusion.“The cell phone is a bridge between financial services of payments, credits and value-added insurance that provide comfort and support to a large part of society and to these people who, until this technology was as distributed as the cell phone, could not access it. ”, he analyzed.From this, he questioned whether immersive experiences could displace cell phones as priority hardware."The metaverse is going to challenge the mobile as society's favorite platform, as until a few years ago it was the desktop and laptop," he said, adding: "Today we are a little more at home and in turn we value immersion more , which demands more equipment, hardware, peripherals and powerful.That maybe tips the scales a bit towards another technological artifact.”The Globant executive pointed out that in the field of technology sometimes reality is stranger than fiction."There are contributions of creativity that multiplied exponentially in terms of the donors of that content," said Kaplun, and illustrated the concept with the company he works for, which has approximately 26,000 employees who work from different parts of the world and enrich the projects with “cultural and content contributions”.At the end of the panel, they spent a few minutes talking about the talent that works in the technology industry and how it is positioned in the region.“There are a lot of eager and skilled people to make this challenge a capitalized reality.Latin America in particular has taken center stage by providing a lot of talent in quantity, quality and depth”, he concluded.Copyright 2022 SA THE NATION |All rights reservedDownload the application of LA NACION.It is fast and light.Do you want to receive alert notifications?A connection error has occurred